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For over 13 years, Infiniti Owners have trusted Sunrise Collision Centers as their premier preferred automobile repair facility. At Sunrise, we have a commitment to our customers and our primary concern is customer satisfaction. Sunrise is the most comprehensive independently and locally owned repair facility in Houston and is preferred by more Infiniti Service Advisors than any other collision center.

In the event of an accident, we invite you to place your confidence in Sunrise Collision Centers to complete quality repairs to your vehicle. We will confidently help guide you through the repair process from start to finish, thus making the repair process as painless as possible. We hope that you are fortunate enough to avoid having a collision, but if it happens, we hope you will place your trust in Sunrise Collision Centers because we are here for YOU!

"We choose business partners who share in our philosophy of client satisfaction and are proud to be associated with Sunrise Collision Centers for that reason..." - Southwest Infiniti
  • Do not ever sign a blank wrecker ticket at an accident site. Signing a blank ticket is like signing a blank check.
  • If after hours, have the vehicle towed to your home. This will save on ungodly storage charges that occur when a vehicle is brought to a storage facility.
  • Pay the extra $20-25 for rental car coverage.
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