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Sunrise Collision Center history is built on a foundation of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Sunrise Collision Centers, Inc., opened its doors in January 1987 and has been serving the greater Houston community with a sense of pride and excellence ever since.

With the goal of creating a shop that produced the BEST QUALITY PAINT AND BODYWORK in Houston, Tom Malone & Wayne Thornton began to lay the foundation of its success by purchasing the latest equipment and technology in auto body repair.

Sunrise was one of the very first shops to purchase a heated downdraft paint booth and became on of the first shops to do alignment work in house upon purchasing its computerized Hunter alignment machine.

Its state-of-the-art computer laser measuring system can get the unibody and frame dimensions on your car back to their original factory specifications. And isn't that important when you realize the investment you've made in your vehicle and how you want to maintain its value by having structural repairs done right?

At Sunrise Collision Center we strive to do things the right way and will continue to put our customers first when it comes to fixing their cars in a manner that will make them proud.

  • Do not ever sign a blank wrecker ticket at an accident site. Signing a blank ticket is like signing a blank check.
  • If after hours, have the vehicle towed to your home. This will save on ungodly storage charges that occur when a vehicle is brought to a storage facility.
  • Pay the extra $20-25 for rental car coverage.
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